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5/27/2020 4:20:42 AM

Veil Exotic Hand Cannon : New Dominus

New Dominus Exotic Kinetic Hand Cannon Impact: 80 Range: 60 Stability: 70 Handling: 60 Reload Speed: 50 RPM: 140 Magazine: 10 You thought only the Light could wield the Dark? Is not all power reciprocal? Intrinsic Perk — Stolen Light: This weapon deals extra damage to Guardians and Enemies of the Veil. While equipped you can pick up Orbs of Light as Stolen Orbs. Legendary Trait — Bright Cage: This weapon stores Stolen Orbs, slightly increasing damage. When fully charged, Stolen Orbs are consumed, strengthening this weapon and granting unlimited magazine ammunition for a shot duration. Exotic Catalyst — Light Cleaver: Multikills against Guardians or Enemies of the Veil generate Stolen Orbs. Lore Tab: You thought only the Light could wield the Dark? Is not all power reciprocal? It’s not something you haven’t seen before. Light crystals in Hive magic — the bounty of the Traveler made into a Throne World — even petty Cabal science was able to sap the Light from its source. Just as you so often wielded my power in your arsenal of Light, so to can you wield the strength of you old master in your new shape. Do not fret, I will not reprimand such utility. After all, you came to me because we both understand a most fundamental truth: Power is power.

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