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5/26/2020 12:27:26 PM

Exotic Heavy Grenade Launcher : The Nero Decree

The Nero Decree Heavy Exotic Solar Grenade Launcher Blast Radius: 70 Velocity: 20 Stability: 40 Handling: 20 Reload Speed: 70 RPM: 270 Magazine: 3 Burn. It. All. Intrinsic Perk — Earth Scorcher: This weapon launches fireballs that on contact with the ground create large Fire Pools that deal damage over time. Legendary Trait — Second Desolation: After Fire Pools extinguish, they become Barren Spots which slow enemies who walk through them. Exotic Catalyst — Old Embers: Creating Fire Pools near Barren Spots reignites them for a short duration. Lore Tab: Burn. It. All. Rome was not built in a day Though to some it looked that way Until the mad king did have his say Oh poor Rome, not in a day

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