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5/25/2020 6:30:10 AM

Dark Exotic Sidearm : Cruel Deviser

Cruel Deviser Kinetic Sidearm Impact: 10 Range: 30 Stability: 90 Handling: 80 Reload Speed: 30 RPM: 360 Magazine: 13 A subtle plan, how I revel in the treachery. Intrinsic Perk — Dastardly Plot: Each round that damages a target loads a round into a secondary magazine. Hold reload to swap over to it. Legendary Trait — Usurp & Dethrone: Secondary rounds deal considerably more damage to enemies with more health than you. Secondary precision kills make nearby enemies more susceptible to this weapon. Exotic Catalyst — Ruthless Preemptor: Auto-reloads first magazine while weapon is stowed or while the secondary magazine is active. Lore Tab: A subtle plan, how I revel in the treachery. OPERATION BROKEN SPEARHEAD 1.01 Progress has stalled. Report? 2.01 Unforeseen repercussions have occurred: Target has allied with the potential threat, the Warmind Rasputin. 3.01 Slowed timeline, is revaluation required? Should account be taken of potential asset arrival? Could support be solicited? 1.02 Negative. Our directive was to eliminate the target before arrival. 2.02 Pressure should be applied to our contacts in the Annex along with proceeding to Phase 2. 3.02 Agreed, but caution should be taken to ensure the potential ally is not made aware. 1.03 Agreed. Initiate Phase 2, this will accelerate the timeline. 2.03 I will make the necessary preparations. Is it assured that only the Titan Vanguard needs to be eliminated? 3.03 Provisions have been set aside should the Warlock resist; but it has been deemed she is not a present threat. 1.04 Initiate the necessary assets for Phase 2. Sign off is perpetual unless difficulties develop.

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