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5/24/2020 5:43:08 PM

New exotic idea

I think what would help Destiny 2 right now are some new powerful (or just fun to use) weapons to hunt that wont sunset. For example, an exotic sword that uses special ammo with a perk that allows a sort of slowed zone somewhere around 5-10 meters around the player that reduces enemy and projectile speed by half, but only after 9 consecutive kills. Going into more detail, the sword would have no real heavy attack and it`s range would be less than the heavy swords, but it could be swung much quicker. The exotic perk with the kills could add an inactive buff for every 3 kills (i.e. Sword Buff, Sword Buff x2, etc.) that caps at 9 kills (x3). The power and duration of the slowed zone would depend on how much you have stacked the buff. For example, the zone would only decrease the speed of enemies/projectiles by and 8th for 5 seconds at x1 and max out by decreasing their speed by a half at x3 for 10 seconds. The player could activate the perk by doing what normally would be a heavy attack. Finally, the catalyst could add an option to have a small speed buff when you make and are in the zone, but the zone will not be attached to you. You could switch to that option by just holding down the reload button. (sorry for the long explanation)

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