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Editado por Vespero: 4/9/2020 3:02:28 PM

This game has more errors than pixels

Seriously, how can you guys play? I'm trying to play from a month now and it's literally impossible. Disconnections every day in every activity, totally random! in pvp 30mins ago, in a raid yesterday. there's an entire zoo of errors that costantly pop up with no reason every time you get kicked out. And the funniest part is when you try to log back in! It's like if the game was not letting you in again and it takes double the time to function(and double the time is like 3-4mins just for a loading screen)! They first fart in your face and then, when you try to stand up, they sit on you pooping in your face to be sure you quit before trying again. I'm starting to wonder why am i even trying. this is a game. it should be fun. But this routine is making it everything but funny. You have to play with the anxiety of knowing that a connection crash is waiting fro you behind every corner. right when you are winning a game or finishing a raid.

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