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Baboon, Rabbit and now Weasel Errors over and over again....

31 Mar 2020 Keep getting Baboon and Rabbit error codes repeatedly. Barely get into an event with someone and back to orbit. Please help with this and the fellow gamers with the black emblems and 0 light showing if they log into D2 after I do. Update 9:30pm EDT - now also getting weasel errors over and over so that I can't sign in. Happening on XBox and PC. Only seems to be happening with Destiny. 1 Apr 2020 - Still getting baboon errors over and over and over again. Had to do one lost sector 5 times today because I would get half way done and it would give me a baboon error and restart me at the beginning of the lost sector to start over again. Missed multiple seraph tower events on the moon - would be about to get to the champions to finish the final wave and then baboon error and it would bring me back into a different instance where no one was doing the tower. Tried to do Garden of Salvation raid and fireteam had to give up on doing weekly challenge because I kept getting errored out with baboon errors. Fireteam actually ran out of revive tokens at one point because I was babooned so many times in one encounter.

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