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3/25/2020 4:02:06 PM

Stryker Sure-Hand Missing

My favorite sword in all of destiny 2 had disappeared from my vault. I had it masterworked and used it in nearly every play session. I had the sword locked and usually keep it in my inventory at all times. I moved it to my vault on the companion app and had been using throne cleaver instead because I dropped a nice roll on it, and now it's gone. I've checked both on the app and manually on each character. I absolutely LOVED that sword and now it's gone. I never would've deleted it, and again, it was masterworked and locked. It would've taken several steps to ) accidentally" delete it and the last time I saw it I was using the companion app to move it. Could you please look at this please. Am I going to have to farm another roll or is it floating in cyberspace somewhere still transferring. I highly doubt that I deleted it or used it for infusion. Could you at least check my history to try and tell me what happened to it? As a side note, my ballistics logs that I had stockpiled are all gone also. I was going to farm another roll last week since swords got a buff, just to experiment with some different options. Could this be linked? I find it coincidentally suspicious that the spare ballistics logs, the completed frame, and my masterworked sword all disappeared overnight without me knowing. Nobody else plays my account, I use a VPN and have my network encrypted and password protected, and have a password on my console and my profile. Any clarity would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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