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3/24/2020 9:14:55 PM

Stuck progress of bounty in Iron Banner and other problems

My bounties stuck in progress: Cast in Iron: stuck on 4/20 submachine kills, zones stuck at 28/30. And pinnacle bounty stuck too.In general, it season with a bunch of bugs, again, is probably the worst in recent times. We don`t need tons of accessories that force us to execute repetitive contracts every day. Why are some errors constantly appearing, long downloads, 30 FPS at the entrance to the game, poor matchmaking, incorrect registration of hits, bugs of both new and old quests. Personally, I’m already tired of all these problems. There is a great desire to abandon the game and forget these almost 2,000 hours played in its world. Do something with your brainchild already, or maybe game development isn’t yours? There is no need to dump quarantine and the spreading disease in the world. And before these events there were enough problems, maybe you should not have left Activision?

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