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3/11/2020 5:29:12 AM

Some bugs to report

Hey, start of the new season just wanted to inform everyone on some bugs that should be addressed. Note that some of these bugs are from my experiences and may not have happened to anyone else yet. Error Code Beaver while in tower, I looked it up and I know my internet is stable. It only seems to happen while I am in the tower. Although it happened once in Crucible. Not sure what causes it. Friends on Friends List have Offline Status when appearing online. Quick remedy would be to restart steam. But does not fix all the time. Arc Strider Super Bug. This one is really bad, it happened to me twice. Both situations I activated my super and traded or died out right. Respawned with about 80% of my super energy. Not sure if other supers have this issue but it has happened to me twice and another person once. Dunemarchers chain melee still comes up as AC/D Feedback fence on killfeed. Just a PSA These are the only issues I have at the moment but just letting the team know. Thanks

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