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Editado por Minx: 2/29/2020 3:18:26 AM

Non-hostile enemies bug (Nessus)

Doing quests on Nessus, specifically the one titled "Captain," moved to the objective marker to defend the satellite array, upon activating the terminal, enemies spawned but made no attempt to attack me, figured it was just the two factions attacking each other and ignoring me, after clearing out wave after wave of enemy, I realized they were not attacking back, however they could still damage me, either from stray shots or explosives, no clue how I activated this glitch, but it made for some fun screenshots Also good to mention that other players ran through the area, enemies even attacked them, but just kept ignoring me (EDIT:) I actually went to a different area, enemies there attacked me just fine, it was ONLY this one area with the satellite array terminal

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