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12/27/2019 5:48:06 PM

Constant "verify game file" errors

Hi, I've been getting the "verify game file" errors ever since Destiny 2 came out on PC. On bnet it was maybe once a week, but now on steam it's multiple times a day. It doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing in the game, it happens in any activity, sometimes right before the boss dies in a raid <.< I've tried: - Verifying the integrity of game files (comes back fine, nothing to reinstall) - Deleting steam_appid file (I don't have the file to delete) - Removing and reinstalling Steam - Removing and reinstalling Destiny 2 - Removing and reinstalling Destiny 2 to a different hard drive When I've logged into my account on my partner's PC, I've had the same error come up, even though my partner has never had the error Link to crash log: PLEASE can someone help? Google tells me that loads of people have the same issues but nothing has been done to solve it :( Thanks djanold

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