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1/20/2020 5:47:54 PM

Dying Once a Finisher Ends if the Enemy Dies During the Animation

Hi there, I made a thread a short while ago (within the month) about this already, but I was able to record it happening, so I wanted to recreate this with the evidence of it happening. Sometimes when performing a finisher, if the enemy you're finishing dies before the finisher ends, there is a chance (not always) that you'll die too. In the video this is unfortunately done with a cursed thrall, so you could argue that it was just the explosions and surrounding chaos that caused the death, but this does occur with normal enemies too, and additionally I found out that if you enter a finisher with an enemy entering the defence point during Alters of Sorrow (this causes them to vanish), it will also kill you once the animation is over. This means that it's caused by the enemy simply not being there anymore, whether they die or are removed/deleted. I hope this video assists a little more.

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