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Green with Envy Broken but required for Savior Title...

@BUNGIE any chance this is going to get fixxed before season ends? i mean you NEED it for the Savior title which is a long enough grind as is. Enemies defeated 0% - and i'm the guy who goes through the portal and earns the Army of One medals in Gambit, i'm the guy who earns the medal for destroying the enemy when they invade in seconds and still ZERO PERCENT COMPLETED ON ENEMY DEFEATED? so i did some research and this has been a "known issue" for an ENTIRE MONTH!!!!!!!! with no solution, half my guild has the same problem... people have tryed to abandon quest and restart with no luck multiple times so bungie are you really going to ruin the entire season for thousands of people by not even being able to muster up the effort to fix a quest bug? That would probably take a coder 2 minutes to fix?!?!?! BUNGIE HELLO? - nice of you to have ZERO SUPPORT to contact love the "Contact us page" i guess i should send you a physical letter or show up in person? though i'm sure both those options would be as futile as screaming into this void of bot responses and zero action, all you have running on your forums is a bot that says "thanks for the report this is a known issue" - free to play games like PATH OF EXILE patch minor bugs in hours, they even came back to the office on the holidays to fix bugs and you have had a month to fix this "known issue" and absolutely nothing gets done, and i had to pay for shadow keep and forsaken... you REALLY think i'll be recommending your game to friends when this is how you treat your own game with ZERO bug fixxes, and ZERO support, please prove me wrong, i want to like this game. FEELS BAD, TIME RUNNING OUT ON SAVIOR TITLE AND NO FIX FOR SIMPLE GAME BREAKING SEASON RUINING BUGS - RIP... [spoiler]Moderator edit: This thread has been moved to the #Help forum where you can find answers and troubleshoot any Destiny in-game/ app issues, courtesy of other helpful players and Mentors. Feel free to private message the moderator who moved your post, link to topic, for further clarification about why this topic was moved.[/spoiler]

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