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1/3/2020 3:19:14 AM

Improve replaying campaign/story

Daily heroic story missions are okay, but with zero loot incentive it would be nice to have access to any story mission at any time. (The only exception being ‘Ace in the Hole’ but once you get the lore there’s no loot). Destiny has such an awesome story and for people that randomly feel like replaying the campaign (or marathoning/streaming) or even celebrating a clan’s anniversary, they should be able to. I know there are a lot of missions to just add to the current menu system, but i think something like the private match menu would work fine with this. And also newer missions from shadowkeep and even the season of dawn missions (with the corridors of time) should be added in, even to the current system. And maybe add the exotic quest missions too (ie mida multi tool and last word). Loot would be nice. Maybe a powerful drop from replaying like 5. Or maybe a weekly pinnacle for doing 10 without dying, or maybe a kill requirement.

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