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12/31/2019 4:54:35 PM

Constant baboons/weasels for last ~10 days

Hello. I'm experiencing constant baboon/weasel errors since Dec 20th. They often make game unplayable since I can get disconnected at any time in any activity, and while sometimes I can play normally for a couple of hours the errors inevitably return. I'm using a wired connection and I've run all relevant steps in network troubleshooting guide - UPnP works fine, connecting to other players works fine, I'm not experiencing empty social spaces - just baboons/weasels and when they start I keep getting "Connecting Destiny 2 servers" for some time, or can't even log in at all. I've consulted with some other players and they seem to experience the same errors at the same time as me even being in a different country, so I doubt it's my ISP's fault as well.

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