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Editado por Oath Keeper: 12/20/2019 9:40:29 PM

Black Talon, Nessus region chests, and Green with Envy issues

I'm experiencing a few aggrivating glitches and wondering if anyone else has these as well as Bungie needs to see this to fix their bs. 1. I'm having an issue with Black Talon. I've masterworked it, yet, in my triumphs it shows 0 progress towards it. 2. 3 region chests on Nessus in The Tangle are just straight up not there. I finally gave in to video guides and theyre just flat out not there. Yes they're still showing on my map, and yes I'm certain I've never picked them up. (update - they finally decided to show themselves) 3. Green with Envy quest....... I'm one of the few whose enemy kills isn't budging. I play Gambit 50% of my play time at this point so the fact that I'm 0% is nothing short of bs. 4. I can no longer see any of the forges' locations on the map. I've got other issues but these 3 are kinda turning into deal breakers for me. Anyone else experiencing these?
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