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Editado por Petrinko: 12/18/2019 7:52:32 AM

Being forced to verify game files randomly and constantly on Steam. Can hardly play.

I have done every since solution I can find on this topic. I have no idea what to do next. The final step was to uninstall steam from my PC and Re DL it onto a different hard drive and different folder and it did not fix this. The game worked for a couple hours but now I'm back to "Please verify game files and restart Destiny 2 to try again." Last time this happened I couldn't load into anything. Can't even enjoy this season of the game at this point. I think I've spent more time fighting the game than actually playing it. If anyone else has any ideas please do tell. I have tried everything and I'm at a loss. And I did clear the steam download cache. That was the first thing I did and it did not work.

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