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12/10/2019 7:48:57 PM

This is no support!!! This is bullshit!!!!!

So this is the so called support you can get from bungie? It's mostly support you get from the community. I've written already 3 topics with the same content. I've been asking why i cant get the last missing item with a fated engram. I bought an engram, I played the warmind story, I bought an engram again, I get duplicates instead of the wormgod curass. Oh...then I played warmind on another quest exo. Now i took a look at the quests again and i cant play warmind. Did i pay 80€ for the main game? Did i pay 40€ for the first DLC? Did i pay again 40€ for the second DLC? Did i pay about 30€ for the third DLC? Did i pay 35€ for the last DLC? Did i pay about 80€ for silver? YES!!!!!! Why am i not allowed to play the story content when i want????? Doesnt my payments include this? Warframe and Destiny 2 are similar but different games. Im not here to compare them. I like both. both have bugs and errors...but what pisses me of if you are ignoring me or give me the feeling you dont give a shit about it! The support here is a pile of shit in comparison to Warframes. Even EA does it better... and I dont want get banned cause i write what i think of EA. So why are you not able to give me a solution or even answer my requests? Is all the money you get not enough for a reasonable support? The solution for me atm is to get this item via rng... or open once a week, or maybe a day the same thread...and wait until your highness bungie allows me to play story content again. pissed greetz anyway

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