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Editado por Sunny: 12/10/2019 7:28:53 PM

Candlekeep - ** Casual Gamers Wanted** (US/PC/DISCORD) The problem: Let's face it, many clans are inactive, have overtly sweaty folks who aren't welcoming or we can't keep up with. And that experience in a nutshell can really suck. Our solution: We recently branched from a larger clan of 99+ and are establishing ourselves with regulars who need that raiding experience/fireteam advantages. This means we're a knit bunch who try to accommodate as much as we can with everyone, while providing that fun experience that can't be found with extreme gamers. Because honestly, what's in a game if you can't do events or feel part of a team? We do have some sweaty folks who grind, but we pride our clan in not requiring you to all-time investment in order to have fun. Experienced players are there to guide and assist, you merely just need to ask. Gaming should be a happy experience, not a miserable one. ***For those interested, please visit our discord or send me a DM here. We are fairly active there and make all event arrangements on the channels. Visit the link above for more.*** And don't be fooled, we are all inclusive -- lads and ladies alike, all ages. Though we all have our levels to sense of humor. :-) PSA: I hope ya'll don't mind a lady as clan leader. 👍. Looking forward to meeting some bright, new faces. ** Lord Sunny

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