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I'm Worried about Attunement of Flame (monthly DB feedback thing)

I don't want to make this sound like all negatives by the way, i'm really excited for these changes, it will pair well with sunbracers [quote][u][b]On Attunment of Sky. [/b] [/u] -Bungie went and threw me a bone(coincidence or not) and actually gave Dawnblade a ranged melee abilty. I've been wanting this, though its not for the attunment with "flame" in the name. But either way Its such a welcome addition and makes me happy. -They also gave me a way to reproc heat rises, I've said before that swift strike would be neat if it could reproc like devour. However this was at the cost of them making you consume your grenade to charge it and theres no longer a way to get grenade energy back from aerial kills. So its a sort of one step forward one back sort of thing. -If the extended glide thing actually works and doesn't force me to slowly fall downwards than that will be nice[/quote] [quote][u][b]On Attunement of Flame: [/b][/u] -My main beef with Attunement of Flame was that -put bluntly- it is not enjoyable and has nothing to do with "flame" The only thing it can do is Phoenix dive. A super CANNOT carry a whole attunement. Having all your fun tied to 5% of the gameplay makes no sense for a game. Supers are supposed to be sudden bursts of extra fun in the first place, not all the fun. -Attunement of flame should give the feeling that you get when wearing crown of tempests on a arc warlock. -Igniting touch still needs to be more user friendly, since there is no way to control when you want to use it. Not only that but its possible to use the melee charge up without the abilty activating (example:striking a target with more health than your melee damage) Even the small ticks of damage doesn't proc the abilty if you miraculously manage to finish something off with it.[/quote] TLDR: Sky looks fun but no grenade regen worries me. Attunement of flame offers nothing.

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