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12/4/2019 11:26:59 PM

Missing Emblem/Lunar Memorian Bug

Hello Bungie, i created a topic like 3 or 4 weeks ago, still no answer btw.! why is the playerbase forced to make topic in a forum where a lot of people dont even get an answer, instead of making a ticketing system? but what ever. Back to the topic. i found all the lost ghosts on the moon before the Dungeon came out. Then, on the same day the dungeon started, i got the last ghost in the dungeon. I bet u can remember, that most of us didnt get any loot on this day in the dungeon. So same for me AND i dont got the Emblem/triumph for the last ghost. On the tracking site it clearly says, that i have evry single ghost collected, but somehow the game dont registred the last one the dungeon. Also Eris dont give me the needed Bounty, to collect it again. Its really frustrating cause without the emblem/triumph i can finish the Seal to claim the title. and its even more frustrating when u create a topic like a month ago and the isnt a single answer. I rly love this game, but this is more than disappointing...

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