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12/4/2019 12:17:51 AM

Hey I have a theory about the fortress crucible map

So I was playing on it the other day and I can't believe how dumb I am, because as I was capturing zone B it was the first time I noticed all the crucible emblems all over the place. But it got me thinking about a really crazy and stupid theory Remember how lord Shaxx is a warlord? Remember how he built the crucible himself? What if... The fortress crucible map is what remains of Shaxx's old base during the dark ages? And after an entire fallen ketch crashed into his base (fairly recently considering the flames) what if he decided to say "screw it, it's a crucible map now"? Now just to make this fair I'm gonna go through the more reasonable conclusions just to even things out 1 [spoiler]The crucible emblems could just be a recent thing Shaxx and his Red jacks added to proclaim ownership, however they look pretty banged up as if they got affected by the crash [/spoiler] 2 [spoiler]it could have just been a fallen outpost, but if it was how did Shaxx manage to get the Red jacks to crash and entire ketch on the damn thing when they can barely handle themselves against a Hive knight according to drifter?[/spoiler] 3 [spoiler]the people living there really like Pheonix emblems?[/spoiler] So yeah... Fortress might be Shaxx's old stomping ground according to my crack pot theory
#lore #destiny2

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