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Redemption: chapter 7

[spoiler] previous chapter [/spoiler] [spoiler] next chapter [/spoiler] The splicer was crouched down tirelessly digging through a pile of rubble. Maybe this pile would have something someone had missed, maybe this would be the one that would prove her worth to the others. She saw a shadow loom over her. She picked up a piece of scrap that seemed valuable and turned around to make her offering to her captain... Except it wasn't her captain. It looked her captain but it was completely mechanical, it had a large pistol which it had aimed directly at her. In slightly imperfect eliksni is spoke to her "I have an offer for you, a trade in fact. I know you are a splicer, you seek to be closer to the great machine through cybernetic enhancement, yes?" She was nervous but knew she had answer, "Yes, that is the case...What is this trade?" "Simple...friend...I will give you a mechanical body like mine in exchange for yours. You will never need to rely on ether, you will never need to sleep and you will gain improved resilience" It said faintly smiling. She looked down at the gun gun still pointing directly at her head. She internally sighed. "sure, I guess I have no choice." She said. It turned the gun around and passed it to her. "A first gift" it declared before drawing another and then turned around to head for it's ship. "Well it looks like your plan worked" whispered the ghost to Agis whilst they transmatted to their ship with their new 'friend'.
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