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Confirmation my dear fellows (Perfect Paradox)

Short post here today friends, but it seems that the new web lore confirms that Saint-14 received the Perfect Paradox when he was young. [quote]“Has anyone ever helped you?” He nodded. “Yes. Oh, yes.” “Who? The Speaker?” He thinks for a moment before replying. “No. A Guardian, like me. Saved me from the Fallen when I was young, when I had lost everyone I was meant to protect. That Guardian is why humanity must go to the Traveler.” Jasleen furrowed her brow. “What do you mean?” “That Guardian’s Ghost and Light showed me a vision of humanity’s potential. The land beneath the Traveler becomes a place of safety. I—”[/quote] And to remember the Perfect Paradox lore tab.... [quote]I mourn that I will never reach the heights you have. To me, you represent everything a Guardian can become. Yours is a thriving City. So different from mine. My whole fourteenth life I fought to make my City yours. I never finished. All I have left is this weapon. The Cryptarchs say you crafted it yourself, built it out of scraps and Light and sheer will, inside the Infinite Forge. I’ll make sure it finds its way back to you. When you gave it to me, I swore I would make it my duty to follow your example.[/quote] Very similar language in reference to a mysterious Guardian who is not Osiris and their ghost. This would explain why we see a Saint-14 without his signature spiky armour claim the Perfect Paradox in the trailer and yet we see a Saint-14 in an almost vendor capacity with them in the webpage for Season of Dawn. Long story short, I'm feeling a bit better about Saint-14 surviving this season. Also, go read that weblore. It's quite touching this time around.
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