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(Page 77) “You’re never really around.” She sounds reluctant. “Everyone talks about that.” Shadow snorts, rolls her eyes. She thinks to herself how she shouldn’t have even brought this up in the first place. “I’m a hunter. It’s hardly anything odd.” She throws a swift glance at the Queen’s Wrath. “You wouldn’t understand.” “Actually, I understand a lot more than most.” Pause. “And I understand enough to know you go somewhere others don’t.” “That’s right.” A smug smile tugs at the corners of Shadow’s mouth. “So you admit you’re going somewhere you shouldn’t be?” Petra’s hands rest on her hips. Shadow ignores the question. Her black-lined eyes narrow in suspicion. “Are you going to tell me who gave you this information?” Petra hesitates, keeping eye contact. “Spider seems to know a thing or two about you.” The know it all arrogance in her voice sends fire into the hunter’s lungs. [i]Spider! [/i] “What is your problem?” She adds before Shadow can respond. The question catches the hunter off guard, and she looks back and forth in mock confusion. “Problem? There’s no problem.” She collects herself quickly, eyes cold. Petra’s grip on her knife tightens. “There is clearly a problem between us. And I want to know what it is.” “For someone who is supposedly so smart, it sure took you a long time to figure that out,” Shadow sneers. “Your attitude is sickening.” The hunter glares furiously. “YOU’RE sickening,” she scoffs, eyeing Petra up and down. The Queen’s Wrath throws her hands up, frustrated. “You see, this is what I’m talking about!” The exasperation in her voice only fuels the guardian’s anger. “Yeah, you certainly never shut up”. “I’ve tried, Shadow, I really have,” Petra struggles, holding her temper. “I have been nothing but supportive and what I thought was plenty friendly towards you. Yet you always have some sort of issue. I found it amusing at first but-“ That’s it. “Oh, you found it amusing?” The hunter mimics her accent childishly. “You have a problem!” Petra shouts back furiously. She lowers her voice. The grumbling of an irritated Spider reminding them they aren’t alone. “Yes I do! With YOU!” The hunter’s hand turns even whiter where she grips her knife. “Tell me WHY! What have I ever done to you?” “Nothing! You did nothing to ME!” Shadow spits back, livid. “This is ridiculous. Why can’t you just explain to me what’s going on?” “I- I can’t-“ she struggles, gripping at the air desperately. “STAND you!” Her golden eyes burn like fire. Silence. The guardian’s chest heaves with ragged breaths. The two awoken woman stare at each other for a moment before Petra’s gaze softens “I know what this is about.” [i]No, I don’t think you do...[/i] “I am... so sorry” Her eye becomes misty with tears. “For?” “Cayde.” Shadow, for once, was left speechless. Petra reaches out to her with a gentle hand. The hunter shivers uncomfortably at her cold touch but allows it. “I never meant for...” Petra seems just as lost for words. “I know you two were very close.” The hunter shifts awkwardly. “Not that close, actually. We were during and before the Red War, but... We had a falling out before he passed.” Shadow can see the guilt on her face. “No wonder you’re so angry... you didn’t even get a proper goodbye.. because of me...” Shadow stares at her blankly. “What did you two fight about? I always thought he liked you.” “There’s someone...” Shadow pauses, unsure if she should be revealing this. “... I was close to, who I thought died during the war. Cayde let me believe he was dead.” She clenches her fists, anger building back up inside her. “Surely there must have been a good reason-“ “There was no good reason to let me believe the love of my life was dead.” Shadow’s eyes blaze at the hand still holding her arm, suddenly remembering who else that hand had touched. She rips her arm away furiously. “This isn’t about Cayde!” Her heart hammers in her chest. “Then what is it about?” Petra reaches out for the guardian again, a pleading expression in her eye. She wants to end the tension between them. As usual, waves of guilt begin to wash through Shadow’s veins. “You mentioned I didn’t do anything to offend you personally. Have I done something to this... this lover of yours?” Sick satisfaction. Shadow tugs her cloak around herself tightly, suddenly cold. Petra steps forward, waking the hunter from her troubled thoughts. “Don’t touch me.” There was no power behind her words this time. “You- you wouldn’t understand.” Shadow takes a step back, hot tears beginning to sting her eyes. The Queen’s Wrath opens her mouth, but before she can speak, the hunter quickly makes her leave. [i] I have more barons to kill. I can’t let her distract me.[/i]

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