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12/3/2019 9:24:57 AM

Collection Book Errors

I'm not sure how to more accurately title the issues, but my primary issues are that I have the Vanguard shaders from the quest "Season 8: First Watch", because I [i]completed[/i] the quest, but I do not have the emblem that comes with it. I'm not sure if my emblem inventory was full or if I stored it, but it's not in the collection book and I can't obtain by any means except for recompleting the quest. It's the last thing I need to get the collection badge for the undying title, and I'm hoping I won't have to redo this quest in the final week of the season. Secondly, I have the Legend of Acrius shotgun on my warlock, but it's nontransferable from that character. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but it also says I don't have it in my collection book. I can still use it and whatnot, but it just can't be moved out of my inventory. Really hope I won't have to do that first watch quest again since now I have <5% progress for all my characters.
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