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Editado por TaRo: 12/2/2019 10:48:54 PM

We still haven't recieved our MOTW-emblem, almost 3 weeks after we got featured

Our submission won as an honorable mention on november 14th, which is almost 3 weeks ago, and we still haven't recieved the "Anamnesis"-emblem in our collections. I don't know about our blueberry, who should've won it too (according to bungie in the TWAB: "These players, blueberry included, are [u]now[/u] the proud owners of our Year-3 MOTW emblem.") which makes it seem like a very quick process. We changed the video description on youtube one day after we got featured, so our bungie profiles are included. We tried contacting bungie on twitter, but never got an answer.
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