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11/30/2019 10:19:56 PM

Telling my story...

So this is going to be a... little sad story so if you dont want to read... its okay to since I am used to being left alone on raids etc. So I recently played Destiny 1 again for awhile and realized how amazing it was. I almost started to cry. Since I really LOVED it and got so many flashbacks. But then I logged on to Destiny 2 and was almost regreting it... Lately I have had no urge or reason to do much there. And since almost all of my friends I used to play with. Almost never want to do things anymore, I have lost my interest. From having little over 100 something raid clears to not even as close to 20 in D2... I Will tell a story of how I lost my interest to raid and this is a sad one... for me atleast. So there we where, at the end of the first raid lair. We fought for a few hours, and then my laundry was ready, so I said to my team. I need a few minutes to fix it. They said ok... Nothing more. So I started puttning away my laundry and decided to make something to drink. This was around 5-10 min. Kinda fast... I sent to my desk and saw on screen... NO ONE EVERYONE LEFT... They started everything with another person and from that day never said ANYTHING. So I was abandoned, alone at the boss. I was kinda sad and from that day, my interest in raids, are, and still is very low. So those small number of times I get omvites to raid now. I start to feel kinda, sad and abit stressed. Since many of my friends done all raids and what I feel, is if I dont know things I will be kicked... Since I always do things without guides... So a deny The most because of that reason... I really miss The old days from D1 really much... Sorry for this Wall of text but I needed to went some... Hope you all have a great time in Destiny 2 Guardians
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