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Shadow’s Heart

(Page 76) [spoiler]if you’re a long time fan I’m sure you’ll recognize this page. It’s been so long and I’ve been dying to get to such important pages! They mean the world to me. Hope y’all enjoy 😉 [/spoiler] “Having a familiar face is... comforting.” Still guarded. But more open than before. He throws her a sidelong glance from blazing blue eyes. She watches his hands casually move over a data pad, fascinated. He puts it down and turns to her. He’s sitting right next to her. Swallowing, she looks away. “I missed working with you.” She shrugs, embarrassed, not knowing how to respond in the slightest. “You had Petra,” she blurts. “Petra’s heart in right place for her own people. Not mine.” Shadow shifts uncomfortably, hoping he hadn’t noticed her anger. “Would never ask her to change that. She serves her people first. I admire her.” He pauses thoughtfully. “I had no one left. Thinking you were dead, too, along with other guardians fallen in Red War.” When she doesn’t respond, he rests one hand on hers. Flinching, her face flushes. He looks her straight in her eyes. “You have something on your mind.” He always read her so well. She looks away from his intense stare. Willing herself to say something. She was the one who started this conversation, after all. What kind of a hunter was she? Just say something. She stands abruptly. “Anything else you needed me to do today?” She blinks away her forming tears and turns to him as he stands, and suddenly— There are hands against her and she barely holds back a gasp. Fire spreads along her skin, cold and hot all at once. Any noise around her has become deep and muffled under the heartbeat roaring in her ears. Variks’s eyes bore into her own. Feeling like sinking, drowning, no air. The moment falls into place, the waiting is over. She knows she needs to say it out loud. This is her chance and if she cant say it, she’s failed and this wont exist anymore and that is fair. “I... do have something I need to say.” The voice barely sounds like hers, seeming very far away. “That I’ve... needed to say for a long time now.” Her hands subconsciously reach for him, touching the cool armor on his neck. Her heart races faster than she thought possible, hammering against her chest. Two of his hands wrap around her back. “Shadow.” “Mm...” she mutters out, flushed from their closeness. “Tell me why you’re here.” She hides her anxiety with indignation. “I want to help the elik-“ “Other than that,” he cuts her off. “Why have you done all of this?” She expected him to be stern, but he speaks softly and in a comforting way. Shadow blinks, surprised. She’s never seen him so gentle before. Hesitating, she wonders if she could possibly fall in love with him any more than she already has. The more time she spent with Variks, the more she found to love. “Go on then,” he rumbles. “There is something you need to tell me.” Shadow loses her breath, shaking. She knew she needed to, but it had been so long. So long she’d waited for this moment, to finally be here with him again. It didn’t feel real. Fear pierces her heart. Anxiety and nervousness mingle with a straining confidence and shyness threatening to overwhelm her, and keep her mouth shut yet again. She tenses. She didn’t come here for nothing, how could she let this opportunity pass her? If not now, when? “Go on,” he repeats, tilting his head ever so slightly, his glowing eyes still locked with hers, waiting patiently. “Variks...” she swallows, hardly able to draw in a breath, the room swimming around her. She can hear his steady, rasped breathing behind his chainmail mask and it comforts her. “Tell me,” he purrs warmly, sweetly. She breathes, staring into his eyes. She pulls her shoulders back, lifts her chin. She wishes she could say more, to describe how deeply she felt for this eliksni- but knows she has to start with this. “...I love you.”

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