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Where Love Lies

(Page 75) “I can’t believe this.” Glitch swarms back and forth like an angry black wasp. “I really, really can’t believe you’re doing this.” Shadow shoves down her guilt as she stuffs the last of her clothing and knives into a bag. Her apartment, once overflowing with plants, decorations, and memorabilia was now utterly empty, save a few tables and chairs. “You know I have-“ “No, you do NOT HAVE to do this!” Her ghost snaps his gaze onto her. Sitting there, she feels helpless. “I’m sorry-“ “No, you’re NOT sorry.” There’s a bitterness in his voice she’s never heard before. “If you were sorry you’d be staying here. This is NOT what you were brought back for.” Taken aback, she pauses. Did he regret resurrecting her? “Variks has been making an effort to trust me. I can’t keep coming back and forth every day, it’s too risky. Plus, he might think I’m giving away information.” She thinks how Variks had graciously agreed to allow her to stay on his ketch. How he had her run errands for him, and finally, just recently, had been allowing her to the tower. He was risking a lot, trusting that she wouldn’t give him away. Pride surges through her chest. He was trusting her and she wouldn’t let him down. “I have to choose where I live, and that WILL be with Variks!” She stands, making it clear her decision is final. Glitch seems to lose his energy, looking away. “I just can’t believe you’re choosing a fallen over your city.” “Eliksni,” She snaps, her sharp teeth flashing in the dim lighting. “Whatever. You’re still leaving the place you’re meant to protect.” “What about other hunters, huh?” She yells, becoming indignant. “They go off sometimes for months!” “I thought you were better than that.” All she responds with is a scoff, turning and grabbing her bags before heading to the window. “Come on. We’re going now.” Glitch takes one last look at the empty house. “I know the other guardians are tough on you for caring for the fallen.” Shadow turns to look at him. He continues softly, “But you don’t have to run away.” “I’m not running. I’m making the choice to be with someone I love. It’s not like I’d let the city get attacked without helping or anything. Im not going off and completely abandoning them. I just can’t stay here. I’m not meant to be living here.” “You’re not even going to say goodbye?” “You know I can’t do that.” Her amber eyes are dark with sadness. “And who would I speak to, now that Cayde is gone?” She hops up on the windowsill without giving her ghost a chance to answer and opens the glass with a click. She transmats into her ship. Glitch doesn’t say another word as they take off. Shadow takes one last glance back at the traveler, streaked golden with the light of the setting sun, the city sparkling below. Her work here, for now, was done.

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