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[BUG] *Fixed Since Season of Dawn Launch*

So I have a problem and I think it's a bug. I'm a PC and an "old" player (before New Light) and I didn't have Forsaken before. With the release of New Light all players got Menagerie for free so I hopped in the fun... The problem is that in the menagerie after playing for a while I got the popup for getting entries for the Chronicon Lore Book but on the Triumphs -> The Darkness the "The Chronicon" book was ???? but the triumphs tab had the + (as when you have to claim something). I thought the problem was that I did not own Forsaken. When forsaken went on sale on steam I bought it and after all the quests at some point I did a menagerie run and got an entry again. The lore book however was still ???? . I figured it might be a bug so i thought it would get fixed by perfecting the Chalice. I upgraded the Chalice 2 days ago and I think i got 2 entries from that but still the lore book is ????. I haven't run a Heroic Menagerie but i doubt that is the problem. Edit: With the launch of the new season the problem has been fixed and the lore tab has unlocked ty bungie :)

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