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The Rifleman

(Page 74) All of the shining purple apparitions around her had became disorienting. She whips back and forth, spraying lead. What had once been carefully aimed shots were now chaotic. But the rasping voice in her ears was calming. She pauses, focusing. Gathering strength from him, from her want for vengeance. “Behind you.” She turns in an instant, landing a heavy blow to the massive scorn. She blocks out his growling, allowing Variks’s steady commands to guide her. However often they had worked together, this was something new. Now, it seemed, there was some unspoken connection between them. Normally, Shadow would have struggled when given stiff direction. “Up.” She aims. The hunter nearly drowns in moments of panic, barely hanging onto her sanity, or her gun. [i]Too many[/i]. Her eyes dart around frantically. “Left.” She drags in shaking breaths, struggling but managing. She finds a flow, a rhythm in his words, following without fail. Until at last the rifleman lays dead. “Success, as always.” “I couldn’t have done it without you.” “We make a good team, yes?” She smiles, out of breath. “You’re the one who got me out alive.” “I told you he was no easy target.” “Well, I’m lucky I had you.” “And I to have you.”

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