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Not fanfic, everyone click!!! Thank you!

Hello all, ShadowheartMC here! I thought it was about time I gave my followers a shout out. Y’all are the ones who made me anything relevant lmao Whether you’re new or have been here since page 3, a huge thank you to you! I started these stories when I was down on my luck, in a really bad situation. Writing and enjoying my lovely Variks was my escape; but I didn’t want it to be just that, I also wanted to write from the heart, from real feelings and desires that have now been turned into this book, 73 pages strong. I also deeply enjoy putting a smile on someone’s face/ entertaining people, or maybe I can distract you from your bad situation for a moment too. I never expected to have followers for this story, I thought hey I’ll write like, 3 pages about this and leave it be. But y’all encouraged me and got me through some tough sh*t. Not to mention those of you who fiercely defended me against the fanfic haters lol greatly appreciated. There were lots of times I wanted to give up, but y’all kept me going with your encouragement and enjoyment for this sappy story. So, a list of my supporters <3 (so sorry if I missed you- you all matter and I’m grateful for all!) [b]Baelzabub Jr bossman335 Blue Eyes BlackHawk5776 Charleahurley CyborgOrder Disciple4Christ4 DerpyTaco11 DrTitan32 Doom3ter is BS Enderlord856 GiantSlayer Hunter IceApfel John Watson KS27 Megadue madgamer438 NightTurkey377 OO7Cabbage Phillip Rooks paladine RingLeader77 Rezyl Turkzzir Robo Dad Cox Spherik_Online superspartan201 SenrabMJam Sahvoz-88 Silencersix ShadowSlasher10 ShadowWing48 Storm TDN DROP Texas Spooky Talia Sendua The Storyteller Ult Cornucopia Zapiro-4 Zenodarkness98 [/b] And now, cuz I thought Itd be fun and I love stirring things up. Lol Honorable mentions, greatest fans, whatever you wanna call it Bronze Tier 🥉 I’d be nothing without the people who get those numbers up there and who take time out of their busy day to read my crap, y’all might be visitors once and a while, or maybe you’re new! Regardless, ty! [b] Baelzabub Jr bossman335 DrTitan32 GiantSlayer paladine Robo Dad Cox The Storyteller Silencersix Ult Cornucopia Zapiro-4 [/b] Silver Tier 🥈 Y’all have been here a long ass time, thank you so much for your continued support! You made ShadowheartMC [b]Disciple4Christ4 OO7Cabbage Talia Sendua[/b] Gold Tier 🥇🏆 My most enthusiastic supporters, I might be in some serious trouble if not for you guys. Thank you for carrying Shadow’s story, for being there basically every single page and never letting me quit lol Gold tiers, feel free to DM to get exclusive parts of my next pages that only you can see! Also, any of you who want to be my editor are more than welcome :) dm for more details Y’all deserve the biggest round of applause 👏🏻 💕 [b][u]Phillip Rooks[/u][/b] 💕- for saving my life [b][u]RingLeader77[/u][/b] - For always being there to support [b][u]superspartan201[/u][/b] - for offering interesting input/opinions [b][u]SenrabMJam[/u][/b] -for being here since I started the ShadowheartMC tag [b][u]KS27[/u][/b] -for creating a page where people can find all my stories [b][u]Texas Spooky[/u][/b]- for being a superfan and always “first!” 😂 Thank you guys so much 💕 (also this was for fun, I appreciate every single one of you, and if I lose anyone it’s a tough blow. Thank you for your support and I hope to continue to see you as I delve into my own story more deeply now that we are off the destiny 2 rails and into the unknown!)

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