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Chain of Barons

(Page 73) “I thought you wanted to stay here.” He sounds disappointed, suspicious. Shadow blinks pleadingly. “I do.” The hunter had been having a hard time convincing Variks of her motives. “It’s for Cayde. I started hunting them, I should finish hunting them.” At the mention of Cayde, Variks turns his face away. Shadow pushes away her pity. “This is the last thing I want to do.” “I understand.” “Please, my Kell.” “Pirrha is dangerous.” Did he really care for her? She pauses, surprised. “You can trust me. I’ll be back.” He turns to her, tapping his staff on the metal floor. “Oh yes, you will.” Shadow tilts her head. “Because I will be there with you.” She hears a click in her headset. A thrill of excitement races through her. “Just like old times.” She was sure if he could, he’d have a smile. [spoiler]just a short little something before we get into things 😏[/spoiler]

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