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How to unlock the Chronicon book?

(EDIT) Thank you to those who answered, but sadly its not what I was looking for. Finding all the entries would be nice, but right now I can't even see which ones I have in game. In the screenshot you can see, I don't even have access to the book. It still shows up as ??????, even though I've done nearly all I can think to do to unlock it. (original) Since the first time I did Leviathan, I've had lore that I can't redeem because I don't have access to the lore book. Using Breytech, I figured out it was called Chronicon. I figured maybe since I hadn't done all my Leviathan related quests, that once I was done I would have access to it? Wrong. I've finished the quest, done the leviathan both normally and prestige a couple times (once just 10 minutes ago), done the menagerie, placed 20ish tributes, and finished my quest for Bad Juju, ect. I still don't have the book unlocked, it still shows as ???????. But with Breytech I can see that I have 12/16 parts of it unlocked. I've googled around, but I couldn't find anyone with the same issue. Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? All I could think is that maybe I have to do the raid layers? But for that I'd at least like to be sure before I convince my friends to help me. Any help at all would be appreciated, Its been almost a month and a half so being able to claim that triumph and get rid of the flashing would be a blessing.
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