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11/15/2019 8:38:48 AM

2 Bungie: Please add Fan Fiction section to your "Creations" page

Please YES


Please NO


So we were discussing the lore of Destiny, or, to be more precise, very nice guys were sharing tips and advices about where to get started if you are into that (thanks a lot to you all!). Then @Toonwald remembered and found for me the fan story "Into the Hellmouth" by @Sulys201623 [url][/url] It's one hell of a story - the whole book of nearly 500 pages :O But you can't find it easily unless you have exact knowledge how to start looking for it - it rests (in peace) on Google Drive somewhere And I thought, jeez, such a dedication deserves official endorsement by the Bungie team. And there many more guys like this. Why not to create a Fan Fiction dedicated category on the Creations page? Or, maybe, even to publish physical copies like D.Glukhovsky, the author of Metro 2033 books, did with his fan stories? Now there are three official Metro books and possibly 150 Fan Fiction books based on that universe - all available in bookstores. P.S. I won't be writing anything myself, I'm not writer ^_^
#lore #destiny2

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