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11/11/2019 8:02:00 PM

About the Vex

So I was watching the tele today when the Rumba came wizzing in and it got me thinking of the Vex. Up until now, the Vex have been the most innocuous of the Destiny enemies. However, conveniently upon the sudden death Kade, the Vex go on the offensive. It seems rather suspicious that Kade, an intelligent robot, goes missing and suddenly the Vex goes on the offensive. Kade has always seems like he walked on the edge. Further, even in D1, it seemed like Ikona and Zevdaya never really trusted Kade. I think Kade faked his death so that he could go and lead the Vex. The Vex don't seem that intelligent, so it was probably easy for Kade to convince them that he is some sort of robot God come to lead them. It's kind and of like the people who follow Scientology. Kade played the part of a bumbling fool well, so it was easy for him to decieve Utrim, who was focused on being King of the Woke people, and Preta bc she only has one eye. If guardians really want to stop the Vex from being offensive, they need to find Kade and really put a bullet in him, and then put two or three after that. Then, they need to cut off his head and put in the microwave for 10-15 minutes, because I read somewhere that it will destroy a computer hard drive. Considering all that's happening on the Moon, I'm actually surprised that Heiress Moan didn't sense Kade's treachery, but maybe her senses dont work on robots since they don't have a soul.
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