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11/15/2019 5:01:42 PM

Dark Guardians

There was a man. A guardian. Dredgen Yor who changed the Light on Darkness. And as the Grimoire (vol. 1) says [i]'as the Light has those who serve, who act as hands and heart and will, there are those who wield the Dark in the same fashion.'[/i] I wonder what you think about having 'Dark Guardians' playable in Destiny? Do you think it'd be more like Horde and Alliance in WoW or rather jedi and dark siths in SW? Kill at sight or group together for common goals (I guess for Darkness everything around but Darkness itself is an enemy but short-term it can be a common enemy)? I think it'd give more variety to the game but not sure if we actually need this. What you think?
#lore #destiny2

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