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Destiny Fan Book

I am planning to write a small book about the EDZ but in Germany-Poland about the areas were the Humans thought that the aliens would strike most as a key location into both Europe and Asia. The book will be maybe 150-200 pages long and describe the war in the area during the collapse and then a bit about a few Guardians who woke up there during the reign of Crota. I am taking suggestions on plot as well as characters that anyone wants to add. You will have to give a personality and summery of your character of course. The main character is a German Soldier who got resurrected as a Defender Titan. This I plan to give out to the community and a gift to bungie if they want it for Destinys Birthday. Off course I don’t plan to make money off this just make something cool and different for people to enjoy. This is going to be a huge project not just a fanfic. I hope the community would love or help and come up with ideas for areas outside Russia in Poland and Germany for the book.

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