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11/14/2019 11:15:34 PM

So where are we in this story?

Is it just me or does it feel like Bungie starts epic stories and then the timeline just stops and starts something new? You literally gave us hints to Uldrin being awoken by a Ghost and potentially becoming a Guardian, not knowing anything that he's done in his past because Guardians minds are wiped clean, and then... That was it. We had to literally chose to turn our backs on the Vanguard, the people who taught us, and protect us, and walk with us, just to go with a sketchy guy who has the ability to control taken energy... and then... Now we start a new (epic) story line of you finally bring the darkness into play, but I'm afraid your ADD will kick in and try to start something new without connecting anything in your story? All of them are great stories, IMO. I want to finish them. I dive into my character when I play, and become my character. Yet, I feel like I turned my back on my teachers and my tower, and now I got side tracked? So I'm watching the Darkness develop these nightmares and the entire time my Titan is thinking, "So there's Crota, lets take him down. Why did I chose the drifter? Oh, waste of time. I knew he was fluking me, anyway." I guess you can wrap everything up eventually all together, but to think we will just forget what we just did and move on to the next? Just my opinions. Any thoughts?

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