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Destiny 2

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Reborn (not lore or a fanfic, I just didn't know where to put it.)

Just as the dawn in the morning paints the sky in bright watercolors, so to does the warmth of her light wash over me, but If I'm hallow, if all I am is darkness and despair what will become of me, will I cease to exist? I don't want to disappear. Her radiance fills me until I am overflowing and about to burst. That husk of despair falls away, I'm not him any more. Who am I, What am I? I feel myself arise from the ashes of my self-hate. Was I ever good enough, ever worthy, these thoughts begin to fall away and give rise to a new self. The world snaps into focuses, in so many more colors than simply black and white. I arise from the ground, I'm now solid in form, spirit, and mind. I've been remade, I'm no longer a son of despair but a daughter of the light. "Eyes up Gaurdian"
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