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♤ Lightborne - 3 - Redirect

Space is quite a cold and mysterious place for someone not familiar with its shape and structure. A beautiful miasma of stardust and colonies adrift in an endless sea. This space scape is what Icarus calls home. Everything hes ever needed stays with him in his ship. Formerly belonging to the dastardly Cayde-6, the Queen of Hearts was but a shadow of the old Arcadian it once was. And after his passing, Icarus vowed to keep the updates coming. Whatever a ship could need, he had it. "So, uh. Where are we going?" Kairos butts in over the comms. His newly acquired ship glistens with the light of passing galaxies while he's busy working on rewiring the interior lights. A spark erupts from the end of a wire he holds in between his teeth. "Ouch! I'm okay!" Icarus gazes out into the vast colors and breathes slowly. "I'm waiting for a call from the rest of our fireteam. They will meet us here." He stands up and enters a side room off the bridge. "Ghost, cut the feed and redirect calls to my room." The comms fall silent and his Ghost flies up to pilot the ship. Kairos shrugs him off. "He'll warm up to us eventually, Penny." He continues to stuff wires loosely into the walls and slam the panels back on to hide the mess. "What exactly are you doing, Kai?" Penny asks delicately. "Well," he says with a strain as he hammers a panel back. "This ship is fancy, but small. If I redirect the power from the shields to the thrusters and the back-up generator to the stabilizers..." He begins to pace around the small interior of the pod-shaped cabin. With one last cable plugged into a standard outlet, he flips a lever at the console. "There!" He shouts before the ship begins to gain speed and easily passes Icarus. "Penny, save Icarus' ships heat signature as a waypoint! We're going for a ride.." He squints and grins out the forward window as the ship accelerates beyond its maximum speed away from Icarus. Icarus returns from his room and looks forward just in time to watch the exhaust from the tiny BreyTech ship leave his sight. "Ghost..." He just continues to stare off. "Call Indigo and tell her to meet me at Nessus." He smirks and turns away again.

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