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Destiny 2

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I gladly die for Emperor Calus!


Support our troops! Phalanx deserve new shields!


There are no flaws! Lies and fake reports!


[the crackle of a mic and clunking noises] "Is this thing on? What? It is? Why did you not say so!" [a loud gunshot and a whimper in the background]. "Listen, my brothers and sisters! We demand better shields! For too long have we Phalanx suffered at the hands of inferior technology! For too long have we stood as the last line of defense against the mindless, undead servants of the Traveler! For too long have we spread our energy barriers in service of the great empire, only to watch in helpless horror as even the puniest of weapons destroy our defense! We demand new shields! Shields that will stand against the weapons of our foes! Why do we protest? Why do we demand change! Not because we die! No, we die gladly in the service of Emperor Calus! We die for his glory, and the glory of the Cabal! [a heavy gunshot punctuates the recording followed by a heavy thud of a large, armored object falling to the ground]. We protest because we are worthy of better! Our engineers are the greatest engineers in the galaxy! Our generals are the greatest generals in the history of war! Our emperor has seen the end of all things, and knows we will take our rightful place as commanders of the cosmos! Glory to Calus! Glory to the Cabal! Glory to War!" [the recording erupts into cheers and gunfire followed by a loud crunching noise. the recording abruptly cuts off] The three guardians stand in the ruins of a cabal outpost on Mars. The hunter's ghost closes the recording and slips into his Guardian's backpack. Hunter: "What the heck was that? Are they going on strike?" Warlock: "No.... I think this is just how they talk. The recording was posted on the Cabal Intranet. The comments are... best left untranslated." Titan: "Ha! Those shields are trash. I can't believe their engineers put the energy matrix on the outside. Who the heck does that? It's like they were asking to get shot."
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