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11/7/2019 2:16:42 AM

Lost Solstice Armor

Okay, so you guys remember this summer's event? Of course you do, it was amazing, one the actually fun events besides Spooky Forest. But i digress, let me get to the point. On my Hunter my main character, I accidentally dismantled my solstice gear. I had bought the glows, all three of them. $25.00 down the drain. I can't reclaim them. Which infuriates me, I would be fine if the ornaments were universal but they aren't. Something I'd be fine with would be this summer having the ability to re-grab my solstice armor set from Eva? Or maybe a way to get them back now? Or even, hear me out the glows that I bought, that anyone bought stay the same this summer. Like maybe not look the same but we wouldn't have to re-buy them. Thank you for reading, if you did. :)
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