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11/6/2019 7:00:04 PM

One of our fellow Guardians is battling cancer. Here is his story and how you can help

I was contacted by a man who told me how he had been going through chemo and was finding it very hard to achieve Legend rank in Comp this season. He asked for help and I said yes. While playing with him I learned more about his remarkable story. I share his story and a way in which you can help him completely for free in my video (link). He was hit by a drunk driver and put into a 13 month coma, he also lost his 3 year old daughter in that accident. Afterwards he was later diagnosed with cancer. I don't want to tell his entire story here, I made a video so that you might listen to him explain his story and offer some simple help to a Guardian who has been through so much
#Story #destiny2

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