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11/6/2019 2:31:54 AM

let me give you money

i have now reached maximum emote capacity on my character and i am unable to delete/store any emotes into my vault. due to this i cannot purchase any more emotes from the Halloween event. however this is just an example of a problem that has been festering for a while. bungie please increase overall character space. consumables, shaders, modification, emote space, etc. the seasons keep pilling up and with them come new consumables. half our space is already filled with planetary resources. and each season brings new consumables and automatic rewards from activities. constantly having to delete multiple items on the fly or just dumping them into the vault like a trash hoarder is not a good solution. or at least implement a way into which we can mass delete items off our inventory. thank you, P.S keep doing what you are doing. this game is awesome, hope it has a long life.
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