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The Flame

The Flame, 1 of 2 (page 71) Shadow’s heart races, choking her. Her chest vibrates with the force of the muscle. Palms sweaty, she grips her controls. Golden eyes trace every curve of the massive ketch in front of her. She can tell the eliksni has garbled something along the lines of, “state your business.” Knowing her eliksni was far worse than rusty, she tries her luck with her own tongue. “I’m here to see Variks. He knows me.” She pauses, eyes darting around the glowing controls of her ship. Darkness crowds in around her. “I’m a-“ her voice breaks. “A friend.” The hunter can hear suspicious muttering, and concludes she’s being listened to by multiple eliksni. They bark at her in their husky language, and she assumes they’re angry at not being respected enough for her to respond in their language. She was, after all, close enough to fire at their ketch. “No harm... friend.” She splutters out desperately in butchered eliksni. Glitch seems more nervous every passing second, his eye moving frantically around. It’s all she can see of him, the rest of his black shell blending into the darkness. “Shadow...” he cautions. She throws him a glare through narrowed eyes, but before she can respond she hears laughter. The awoken woman scowls, trying to ignore the heat in her face. Patiently, she waits as they mock her. “Please, let me see him. No one is here with me. You can take everything I have.” She leans forward, growing desperate. This immediately silences their grumbling. She flinches as one of them barks an order and the signal is cut. Shadow glances at her ghost, who looks back at her equally nervous and confused. Suddenly, a door begins to open, large enough for her ship. Assuming this is where she is meant to go, she begins to direct her ship; before she can move, some invisible force is pulling the aircraft in. The massive ketch looms ominously above her. “Are you sure about this...” Glitch looks as if he’s about to burst a bulb. “Yes.” Her eyes are hard with determination built throughout a year. “And I want you to wait here,” she adds, sending Glitch into a fit. “Are you utterly insane?” He hisses, practically sparking. She turns to him, amber eyes softening. “I may be willing to put myself in this situation. But I don’t want you to have to deal with it too. Variks won’t let them kill me. I’ll be fine, but please. Protect yourself.” He hesitates. Seeing the sense in her words. “I don’t like this.” She looks away. “I know.” The guardian takes in a shuddering breath, preparing to transmat out to whatever or whoever was waiting for her. “Out, guardian.” The sudden, sharp command startles her. Opening the door manually, she awkwardly jumps down to the floor of the ketch. Her dull green cloak flutters down behind her. Looking around, she notes she’s in a docking area. Smaller ships like hers are scattered about. “Weapon.” Awoken and eliksni eyes lock together. Observing the vandal in front of her, she’s surprised to see him adorned in wolf colors. He crouches, aiming his gun at her, eyes narrowed in suspicion. “Right, of course...” Raising her hands innocently, she slowly pulls the gun off her back and places it on the floor. He grunts as she adds her other weapons to the pile; grenades, knives. She straightens, shoulders back and meets his gaze. “My name is Shadow. I’m here to-“ “Follow.” He barks, swiftly moving behind her and poking her between her shoulder blades with his gun. “Alright, alright,” She huffs, allowing him to direct her deeper into the ship. “May I ask your name?” She questions cautiously, examining the dark halls he leads her through. Their footsteps and the muffled echo of engines are the only sounds. “From House Wolves. Now Judgement. Judgement last way, only way.” The hunter pauses, unsure how to answer. “Okay, Wolf.” He grunts. She smiles. “How do you know Variks?” “Prison.” Turning to him, her eyes widen in surprise. He meets her gaze unflinchingly. “You?” Her heart flutters softly. She looks away. “Helping awoken. We worked together.” The vandal eyes her, a new sense of respect lighting their glowing blue depths. He walks beside her now, glancing at her every so often as she gazes around in wonder. Shadow could hardly grasp this was Variks’s ketch. Letting her hand graze the cold walls, she takes in every detail, so familiar. Yet this time, she came peacefully. She wasn’t raiding, killing. The vandal halts finally at a closed door before pressing a few buttons. Shadow swallows, shivering. “Kell meet you here.” The wolf disappears swiftly around the nearest corner without another word, before she can thank him. She blinks fondly after him. The hunter waits in the dim hall, her pale skin and glowing eyes standing out against the dark. Memories flood her mind. Would Variks even want to see her again? Surely he would recognize her? Panic sets in. He couldn’t have forgotten her. What if he wanted nothing to do with her? He was a Kell now, he didn’t need guardian friends. Especially after the way they treated him. She winces inwardly. And an awoken, at that. Exactly what he was trying to get away from. Shadow begins pacing in front of the door, hands linked behind her back. She hopes her battered black armor is enough to show that she was no threat, as well as her dull green cloak enough to show respect for his house. Mind cartwheeling on itself, she turns over everything that might be about to happen. Would Variks look any different? What had he been doing all this time? Had he ever missed her? Why didn’t he try to contact her? What should she ask him first? Would he speak first? What- The door clicks; her amber eyes flick toward it as it snaps open.

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