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11/1/2019 10:00:36 PM

Encountered Something Curious (to me) in the Replayable 'In the Deep' Moon Story Mission

I was just running through it for the weekly powerful reward at first, but then I wondered if Bungie left anything interesting in there recently, so I proceeded to grab the Cryptoglyph and SLAUGHTER every enemy I could find. The only enemies that didn't respawn were the Acolytes, Knights, Shriekers and Wizards. As I was nearing the end of the run, I decided to turn around and make sure I didn't miss anything, especially when I thought I heard a Shrieker that I missed somewhere. Got to the Hive worm tunnels (the part where there was an upper and lower path) and I found another Shrieker, but it was a miniboss (bright yellow health bar). I did not miss that enemy there, he wasn't there when I passed before. I could hurt it, so I killed it and continued backtracking. Found another one at the bridge, also a miniboss. I DEFINITELY did not miss a Shrieker there. That's when I noticed that there was a ton of these miniboss Shriekers scattered throughout the Cryptoglyph area and the bridge. When I lingered before, there were only Acolytes and Thrall, and I killed a lot of time there before I moved on. So, I killed every last one of them. And I destroyed the Tomb Ship's turrets because that was getting annoying. Now, I didn't see anything else and those Shriekers did not respawn after that. In fact, no enemies were back there after I was done. But then again, I did die once, so if that has anything to do with a possible secret, then I wouldn't be surprised. But again "then again", that could've been Bungie's way of saying 'you're going the wrong way'. If so, then you MESSED UP, DEVS. Shouldn't have made them killable. You think I'm not going to go back and kill a bunch of yellow bars? THINK AGAIN! ...Wow, I had a lot of fun typing this post. lol

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