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10/29/2019 12:23:34 PM

Ingame Fireteam Finder and Matchmaking

1. I wish Destiny 2 could have a more comfortable way to find a fireteam. It really is inconvenient to go out of the game to find players for the game and manage it. Surely there are better ways in 2019. 2. Matchmaking should be an option, whereby you can decide and toggle if you want to be matched or play alone (with your own Fireteam of less than the required number of players). I know, this could make some grinds easier, but otherwise you just go out and find a Fireteam with a common goal anyway. 3. I think all activities like Raids, Nightfalls, heroic quests...should have optional matchmaking. I know. I know. But hear me out. If you are not in a clan or have active friends in Destiny, this could be a gateway for a far more fluent and convenient experience. Elsewise you are forced to find or join a foreign Fireteam either way. In more challenging activities like Nightfalls and Raids there could be an option for Fireteams which want to play only with experienced players or on the other hand are welcoming new players, too. Destiny tracks those achievements (finishing specific Raids or Nightfalls) anyway. So only players with the achievement would be matched. You don't care explaining the Raid or play with Newbies? Simply toggle the option for experienced players off. You could even have a minimum powerlevel as an option. I love this game but I would love it even more witch fluent matchmaking.

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