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Shadow: Unknown Space

(Page 68) A faint orange glow marbles the skyline like a distant flame. The rest, in darkness. Shadow felt confusion, and fear. YOU FOLLOW THE ELIKSNI BECAUSE YOU ARE A FAILURE OF A GUARDIAN. YOU COULDNT BE ONE OF THEM, SO YOU RAN. The voice echoes around her. She searches for a source and finds only vast emptiness. She can sense she’s looking into her own soul. “I follow the eliksni because I want peace. I follow the eliksni because of the one I love, who taught me they are no different than us. They deserve someone to fight for them.” FOR YOU, THE TRAVELER IS AN INCOMPREHENSIBLE GOD. YOU WATCH IN AWE WITH YOUR SISTERS AND YET HOLD NO MORE KNOWLEDGE. YOU HOLD WRATH IN YOUR HEART FOR ITS ABANDONING OF THE ELIKSNI PEOPLE. Shadow’s skin feels like it’s being touched by ice. Memories swirl around her mind. She sees herself, a young guardian, easily influenced, prepared to listen and fight and kill and be no more. Meeting Variks, the eliksni who taught her there was more to the story. Her victory over Skolas, whom no one knew was in vengeance for her friend. Her failure against Oryx and her near death experience. A long, cold, drunken year away from the one she now admits she has fallen in love with. A desperate search to know his fate, and a newfound decision that her time as a guardian was over. THERE IS ONLY ONE PATH LEFT FOR YOU HERE.

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